Welcome: Year of the Fire Rooster


Getting a head start on the Year of the Rooster, celebrity chef Titus Chan hosted a celebratory new year dinner at Jade Dynasty restaurant on Jan. 4.

The meal started with salmon and ahi sashimi to represent an abundance of blessings and wealth. Here’s a look at some of the other dishes on the menu:

Jade Dynasty’s combination platter featured roast pork, roast duck, and pickled cucumbers, representing three treasures that enhance life, a shining moon, longevity and flowers in bloom.

A soup of shredded chicken fit the Year of the Rooster theme, with mushrooms and dried scallops boosted the flavor of the chicken.

Another chicken dish to fit the year’s theme was golden fried chicken with roasted garlic, representing the host’s wish for a clear path for his guests’ hopes and dreams.

Crispy roast beef was served in buns representing gold pieces, a wish for monetary fortune.

Sweet and sour fish fillets with pineapple represent hope in having sweet grandchildren.

Tea-smoked shrimp are symbolic of health and vitality.

Jai, the traditional new year vegetarian dish, is served out of reverence for life.

The length of noodles in dishes such as braised e-mein with mixed mushroom represent longevity and prosperity.

For dessert, there was mochi balls in ginger broth. The sweet orbs, represent infinity and perfection in life.