Luck in the Year of the Rooster


A display of nengajo, new year postcards by Hawaii Japanese-language students, is on view at Kahala Mall through Jan. 16, 2017.

By Alan S.F. Lum

The Fire Rooster will exert its influence in 2017, beginning Jan. 28. This is how those born under the various animal signs of the Chinese zodiac may be affected:

Rat: You have high potential for achievement and prosperity. You may receive a windfall, but take the high road in the path to success. Help may come from the same gender. Romantic relationships may be exciting but there can be some tension. Keep a cool head.

Ox: This is a strong year for expressing yourself and letting the productive juices flow. Do the right thing and acknowledge people who help you. They may be heaven sent. Cooperation and gratitude are vital for happiness.

Tiger: This can be a draining year that may hold some conflicts. You may feel like others are trying to control you. There may be opportunities to express yourself by using your knowledge and creativity. Find a balance to allow desires to come into fruition and bloom.

Rabbit: This can be a year of clashes and/or an exhausting year. Sometimes it may be better to yield than be forceful. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. A year of learning can lead to growth and future creative outlets.

Dragon: With some heaven-sent supports this year, there may be room for you to use your creativity in positive ways. This can lead to some degree of success. Keep balance in your life and remember to relax and rejuvenate your health.

Snake: A year of friendships and prosperity may be awaiting you. Your hard work may result in you reaching your goals. Getting there can be through your passion in what you enjoy and/or do. It can also be a year of excitement and spark-flying romance.

Horse: The Horse may be getting an inheritance and/or windfall of wealth this year. Collaboration with friends of the same gender may be helpful in the road to success. The year may also be an unconventional year of excitement.

Sheep: This may be a year of supports for you, yet may also be a little draining. Be grateful for the people who support you in life. This can be a year of growth and productivity.

Monkey: Guidance can be coming this year. Friends, more likely of the opposite sex, may play a significant role toward your success. You may feel some creativity with spurts of energy. Change can be more rapid if you are open and non-resistant.

Rooster: This is your year to be in the limelight and shine. It can be a year where friendship and romance abound. You could also be receiving guidance. Just like polished jewelry, you may have a shiny year of refinement and elegance. It can be a very dynamic year with change and excitement. Don’t take your companions and friends for granted.

Dog: This year may have more channels for you to express yourself. Support is directed toward your creativity. Bring balance into your family, career and leisure life.

Boar: There’s high potential for success in your career, including some self-earned financial gain. Let your supports enhance your path toward success. It can be a very sparkling and exciting year for some change and/or romance in your life.

Note: This forecast is for entertainment purposes only, based on the general Chinese zodiac astrology. A more in-depth astrological system is Chinese Four Pillars Astrology.