Sushi dreams fulfilled at Beniya

Hirofumi Beniya shows some of the fish selections offered at his eponymous restaurant.

One of the best restaurants to emerge from the newly open Waikiki Yokocho so far is Beniya, the namesake of 34-year-old Hirofumi Beniya, who grew up in the biz. His father was a sushi chef so he learned early how to clean, gut and prepare fish from the waters surrounding his home in Ishikawa prefecture, Honshu Island.

Beniya is divided into a main dining room for hot meals and seafood selections, but a visit to its omakase sushi bar provides the more memorable experience and an audience with the chef.

Naturally, the menu changes daily with the chef’s selections of the best offerings of the day, but a recent omakase dinner featured 20 items, including dessert of yuzu sorbet.

Here’s a look at some of those bites:

Proving the point that one can’t be squeamish when dining omakase style, the first offering was shirako, or cod sperm sac. Don’t worry, it’s creamy and sweet as pudding.
Appetizers were a Seattle oyster slow-cooked with shoyu and bonito flakes, Maine lobster tail with an egg wash to bring out its sweetness; and monkfish liver with mountain potato.
Sashimi of Big Island moi with daikon and thin-sliced myoga (Japanese ginger).


A5 Miyazaki wagyu.
Kinmedai, or golden eye snapper, nigiri.
Shimaaji nigiri.
Kauai amaebi nigiri.


Flounder engawa.
Big Island ahi chutoro.
Bluefin from Kanagawa ootoro nigiri. The scoring holds a light brush of soy sauce.
Sweet bafun uni from Hokkaido.
Abalone nigiri.
Torotaku roll brings a light finish to the meal with a combination of daikon and ootoro. The daikon helps cut the weightiness of the fattiest part of the tuna belly.



Savory amaebi head miso soup made a satisfying finish before dessert of yuzu sorbet.

Beniya is in the Waikiki Yokocho, Waikiki Shopping Plaza, 2250 Kalakaua Ave. Call (808) 777-6660.