DIY jewelry for holidays at Lucoral Museum

One of the mysteries of Hawaii’s oceans is, where did all the pearls go? As lore has it, Pearl Harbor (Wai Momi) was named by European discoverers for its abundance of pearl oysters and pearls gathered between 1785 and 1840.

Yet, none of the world’s museums, including Bishop Museum, have a single known Hawaiian pearl in their collections.

Lucoral Museum founder Flora Lu keeps this mystery alive at her museum and gift shop, where she honors the treasures of nature with displays of corals and minerals found throughout Hawaii.

Afterward, visitors can drop into her gift shop to purchase pearl and semi-precious stone jewelry. Or, even more memorable, make their own piece to take home for themself or a loved one.

On any day, passersby can drop in downstairs to make a simple piece. Or, for the coming holiday season, organize a gem-and-pearl girlfriends party with access to trays of multi-sized, multi-colored, multi-shaped pearls, gemstones and findings to string up necklaces or bracelets at a cost of about $25 for a bracelet to $45 for a necklace.

The private parties allow women to come together for a little talk story, creativity and me time during the stressful season, ending with a piece of beautiful keepsake pearl jewelry. Now that’s my kind of party!

Lucoral Museum is at 2414 Kuhio Ave., open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. Call 808.922.1999.

Photos: By Nadine Kam