Fall fashion: ‘Hamakua State of Mind’

In an ambitious collaboration, Hawaii-based designer Rumi Murakami teamed with visual artist, filmmaker and animator Laurie sumiye on a Fall/Winter 2017 collection “Hamakua State of Mind.”

The collaboration took root when both shared a work space at Fishcake and started talking about what fall fashion might look like in Hawaii, a place where summer style rules year round. Coming full circle, the show took place Nov. 9, 2017, at Fishcake in Kakaako.

They envisioned “lush landscapes, wide vistas and thriving farming communities of the North East coastline of Hawai’i Island.”

Sumiye drew on family roots in Hilo and Hamakua for the collection that played homage to the land and people who established roots in Hawaii. Textiles mimicked the look of plantation indigo and sashiko, the functional embroidery devised during the Edo era to reinforce clothing, making them last longer.

Just as with her other media, Sumiye said her concern about the environment informed her print designs, which included lehua blossoms and leaves, grasses and Hamakua’s famous mushrooms.

Jewelry by Bevel Hawaii was also featured in the show.

Reinforcing the natural theme, music artist Taimane opened the show as a model, walking to her song, “Mother (Earth).” The entire show featured her music.

“Hamakua” print designs are available for pre-order with delivery after the new year. The rest of the collection will be available next month at HiSAM+MORI in the Hawaii State Art Museum, and at Fishcake’s original location at 307 Kamani St., and at Fishcake’s Apt. 155 popup at South Shore Market.

Illustration: Laurie Sumiye
Photos: Nadine Kam
Video: Nadine Kam

Creators Rumi Murakami, left, and Laurie Sumiye.