Samyang spicy ramen

24 days of Christmas: Practical edibles


You probably know a few souls so practical and stoic you wonder if they have any fun at all. These are the people who tell you not to get them anything for Christmas, to save your money and get something for yourself instead.

But they will cheer your sensibility if you get them something practical, like the type of food they actually eat every day.

Over at Mitsuwa Marketplace, on the second floor of International Market Place, the work has been done for you when it comes to Spam. They’ve created gift packs featuring a can of Spam, a musubi mold, a slicer and lunch bag, for $30.56.

Korean specialties await at the new 88 Pal Pal Supermarket at 835 Keeaumoku St. If you want to put a little spice into someone’s life, try the Samyang hot chicken flavor ramen. That’s hot stuff that ranks at 4.4 stars at Amazon.

By Nadine Kam