sea salt

Go jump in the ocean for skin health

salt soap

K-beauty brands continue to move forward by harnessing the power of nature’s pharmacy, most recently by incorporating one of the most essential ingredients, salt.

dr belmeur

In Hawaii, a person who comes down with the common cold is told to “go jump in the ocean.” That advice is not intended to be mean, but a traditional folk remedy.

We’ve learned from modern science that sea salt (not refined table salt) has antiviral properties that enables people to fight off cold viruses, the flu and keep allergies at bay.

Skin feels softer after emerging from an ocean swim because the salt also acts as a moisturizer, opening pores and hydrating tissues while flushing out toxins.

Sea salt also contains 92 trace minerals such as magnesium, zinc and potassium needed for optimal health.

Among Korean beauty products incorporating sea salt are Ruby-Cell 4U Mud Moisture Pure Soap (available at Beauty at Don Quijote) and Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair ATO salt cream available at TheFaceShop.