24-karat magic at Star Beauty Room

Kiyoko Hoshino

Many regard the start of a new year as a time for change and self-improvement. Taking the first steps can feel painful. There are always a hundred excuses for why we put off starting a new exercise or diet regimen in the previous year.

But not all self-improvement is painful. When it comes to putting your best face forward, it can be very enjoyable.

I started my new year with a visit to esthetitian Kiyoko Hoshino’s recently opened Star Beauty Room, where in addition to full body massages, she offers seven different facial treatments to suit individual concerns.

I went with the Anti-Aging Facial using several 24k gold products geared toward improving skin tone. The treatment is $140 for 60 minutes, $210 for 90 minutes, or $270 for two hours.

An array of 24k gold products is used in Star Beauty Room’s anti-aging facial.

For those who believe in the metaphysical, most of her facials also incorporate her signature Rainbow Powerstone Oil, utilizing the energy of gemstones to enhance well-being and your new year’s resolve.

They include:

Red (garnet): Passion, results of efforts come forth
Orange (sandstone): Revive confidence and source of power to take action
Yellow (citron): Strengthen luck in money and business success
Green (peridot): Positive energy flow
Blue (aquamarine): Healing, flexibility to change
Indigo (iolite): Heightens awareness of future and truth
Purple (amethyst): Changes negative to positive, purification effect

With therapies rooted in Japanese and Korean techniques, her treatments also differ from Western-style treatments that tend to be product- and brand-centric.

Rather than focusing on single product lines or brands, she has scoured the globe for products that she deems most effective for a range of issues such as sensitive, oily, dry or aging skin. These are used in combination with facial massage intended to boost blood circulation in the face, and stimulate the muscles and lymphatic system that helps flush toxins from the body.

This is because the face is home to a concentration of lymphatic vessels, particularly in the jaw line and chin. Unlike the body’s circulatory and cardiovascular systems, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a “pump,” like the heart, to keep lymph fluid moving. Exercise helps the flow, but for those who don’t move around enough, the fluid builds up and can be responsible for puffiness around the jawline. When this happens, massage by a knowledgeable therapist can help flush the lymph fluid.

Depending on individual needs, Hoshino may also use LED light therapy and a microcurrent device to stimulate muscles.

The non-painful microcurrent sends tiny electrical currents to the more than 30 muscles of the face, mimicking the body’s bio-electrical field to recharge and lift weak muscles.

Those not accustomed to facial massage will learn quickly how much muscle tension and stress is carried in the face. It can be painful. And because the muscles of the body are so interconnected, the tightness that you carry in your face could also be the source of muscle pain in the neck and shoulders.

By the time I left, my skin was taut, plumped and glowing. It’s a great way to kickstart a new beauty regimen and quick success can be an invigorating step toward tackling larger goals and projects on your never-ending to-do list.

Here are her other facial treatments:

Relax: This all-hand, touch therapy treatment aims toward revitalizing your skin and restoring skin health. Cost is $85 for 40 minutes and $130 for an hour.

Sensitive Skin: Baby products and organic aloe are used for those with sensitive skin. Cost is $130 for on hour and $195 for 90 minutes.

Oily skin: This treatment was created to get rid of keratin plugs and tighten pores. Cost is $130 for on hour and $195 for 90 minutes.

Moisturizing: In addition to quenching dry skin, this treatment incorporates rose quartz to increase beauty, and with it, your potential for love. Cost is $135 for on hour, $200 for 90 minutes, and $270 for two hours.

Detox: Minimizes the swelling of your facial area by releasing toxins with the help of antioxidant green coffee oil and smokey quartz. Cost is $135 for on hour, $200 for 90 minutes, and $270 for two hours.

Whitening: Uses Vitamin C skin whitening and iontophoresis to enhance skin softness and clarity. Cost is $140 for on hour, $210 for 90 minutes, and $270 for two hours.

Star Beauty Room is at 334 Seaside Ave. Suite 304A (inside Aqua Nails). For an appointment, call 808.388.3576 or book online at starbeautyroom.com.