European Waterways barges upgraded

European Waterways has completed $500,000 of fleetwide upgrades to its luxury hotel barges.

The upgrades addressed refurbishment of dining, entertainment and sleeping areas, as well as the off-shore transportation of guests. The maintenance is part of an annual program to provide guests with the most comfortable experience as they cruise the canals and waterways of some of the world’s most picturesque countryside.

Upgrades include a complete redesign of the saloon for the 12-passenger L’Impressionniste hotel barge, which cruises Southern Burgundy, France. The hotel barge also received a new staircase, bar area, banquettes, and an oval dining table to help create more space and seating.

The eight-passenger L’Art de Vivre, cruising Northern Burgundy, was upgraded with new bathrooms, while the Anjodi, an eight-passenger vessel on the Canal du Midi, was fitted with a new hardwood sundeck to complement a new saloon last year. Deck furniture has also been upgraded across many of the vessels.

European Waterways’ luxury hotel barges in Scotland, which cruise Loch Ness and the Great Glen between Inverness and Fort William on the Caledonian Canal, have also been refreshed. The eight-passenger Scottish Highlander, has been improved with a new guest entrance and easier access. The elegant 12-passenger Spirit of Scotland, the most recent addition to the fleet, has received a new Jacuzzi, new curtains, carpets and improved interior lighting.

European Waterways also purchased new Mercedes-Benz minivans to chauffeur their guests during off-shore excursions.


Courtesy European Waterways